22nd of November 2018 – Loca’s first collection.

The Be Rare Collection is full of Eco-friendly activewear and staple pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe. From sketch to final product we pushed our limits for 12 months. Sampling fabric while trialling and testing every style. Thanks to our experienced team (we couldn’t of done it without you!). We wanted to give Loca babes a choice and launched with 7 styles in 3 colours ways. Which allows women to find the style which best suits their active lifestyle. 

The recycled fabric is regenerated from post consumer materials (such as carpet, clothing and fishing nets). The fabric is silky soft and feels amazing against the skin. The comfort of each piece supports women’s confidence while working out and makes for an everyday outfit choice. Finally each piece is versatile, giving unlimited options to style for any occasion.
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