Loca Sportswear is an Australian Made and owned activewear label, manufactured on the Gold Coast, QLD. A family business run by two sisters, Amy and Karlee Nurthen.

November 2019, Loca released it’s first collection, the ‘Eco Collection’. Created with versatility at the front of mind and working with high quality, Eco-friendly fabrics. The fabric is regenerated from post consumer materials saving fishing nets from floating freely in our oceans and waste from being added to landfill (inc. clothing and carpet). The Nylon is stripped from the waste and recycled back into textile yarn. Making an essential contribution to our planet – Turning waste into treasure. Check out – ECO COLLECTION

The future of Loca Sportswear is a rare concept within the world of fashion –  Limited edition releases. As Loca strives to learn and grow as a sustainable label. Locas main goal is to minimise its textile footprint. Loca will be creating small runs of high quality, versatile activewear, manufactured on home soil. Striving for minimal waste and no over stock. Shop our first Limited Edition Collection – CASUALLY WILD

Loca Sportswear is exclusive to the rarest