Set Backs Set You Up – A.scribeeeee

Set Backs Set You Up – A.scribeeeee

How is it that one day we can feel like the world is entirely our oyster, like our dreams can stretch as far as the stars in the nights sky and that the possibility of walking on water isn’t so ridiculous after all?

Determination is endless, plans begin to grow, our minds run at a thousand miles an hour. Ticking boxes, ideas flowing, and the forward momentum of pace feels like we might just trip over our own feet. Our dreams are within reach, all we must do is stretch out and grab them. As the days, weeks, even months pass by our pace slows down and the light that shone so bright in front of us begins to dim. And here we are, wondering what happened to that ‘diamond like’ feeling? We will tell you, life happened.

Bills, injury, work, grief, love, friendships, road trips, loss, fitness, cleaning, learning, beach days, sickness, long lunches. The list is endless. Life is as they say, a never-ending roller coaster. We all have our highs and we all have our lows. Those days when you wake up with every part of your body cemented into the mattress with absolutely no desire to get up and face the outside world? Don’t worry we’ve been there, we understand. 

Whether it be building a business, finding a new café to work within, chasing a spot on the Olympic Team, pursuing University, aiming for a balanced diet, saving for that Loca crop top, learning to juggle your oranges in the kitchen. We are all faced with setbacks! What we have learnt and continue to learn from within our experiences from our own setbacks is that, they SET YOU UP! The enduring challenges, the constant mistakes, rejections and catastrophes, the countless “No’s”, the ongoing battles and the continual loss of courage and confidence within oneself, although hard to believe, just like a brick in the wall these setbacks will build you up. As time passes and your business slowly grows, you find that new job, successfully gain a spot on your team, you tick off another semester, find satisfaction and balance within your week, run around in your Loca crop top and are stirring the pasta in between juggling your oranges the light ahead shines a little brighter.  

You begin to learn from your mistakes, rejection enforces change, catastrophes become just a little spilt milk that’s not worth crying over, the “No’s” become “Yes”, the ongoing battles will continue because hey, that’s life! But, your courage and confidence will shine through and all of a sudden, there you are standing on top of the wall that you built beneath yourself, and with one little stretch, your Dreams are within reach and the world is once again your oyster. 

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