Finding your healthy balance with Bonnie Hancock

Finding your healthy balance with Bonnie Hancock

Eat healthy, exercise more, keep up with emails, catch up with friends, make time for family, build a clientele, work Monday to Friday, add in a Saturday, join another gym, try Pilates, get your hair cut, reply to the boss, be at work early, finish late, get those steps up, cook dinner, go to Ella’s Baby Shower, fill the pantry, attend Tom’s wedding, get a dress for Kate’s engagement, buy a present for Kate’s engagement, pay your phone bill, call Nanna. Now, place all of that within your own two hands and whilst standing on one foot, I dare you to try and find some balance…

Priorities, health, fitness, social life, family. This whole life balance thing seems almost impossible doesn’t it? Let us introduce to you, Bonnie Hancock. A now Accredited Practising Dietitian based under the Gold Coast sunshine, this beautiful soul found balance through many years of juggling a full-time degree in one hand and life as a Professional Ironwoman in the other. Juggling her athlete ambitions and passion for nutrition, Bon’s weeks were regimented, rushing from training to Uni, part-time work and back to training; she was a professional athlete, welcome to a world behind the scenes of the glitz and glamour you see on your television. In between all of this, like you, she had friends’ birthdays and engagements to attend, appointments to get to, washing to be done and food cupboards to fill, but she did it, and she succeeded. 

Bonnies success came from hard work, passion and sacrifice. While you are all aiming for your own individual successes whether it be a Uni degree, a sporting event, a meditation course or a simple goal to sit down, relax and finish one book per month, it doesn’t matter! Generally, the most important things in our own lives get pushed aside by all the little things in life that slink in and get in the way. Our list at the top, it never goes away, if anything it tends to grow with us. Despite the overwhelming feeling that can creep in and make you feel like you’re pretty little head is only just floating above the water, not everything needs to be done there and then!

Now having taken a step back from Professional Ironwoman racing and choosing to focus on her career and enjoying long distance ski racing, Bonnies constant juggling in the past has paid off, more importantly, it has taught her a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Bonnies passion of work, her social commitments and her training has had her learn to trust her own judgement in terms of business and personal relationships, taking little bits and pieces from others to ensure that she is working and living according to her own standard and moral compasses, and in doing so she is balancing beautifully.

Did you read that? Did you take it in? Let’s repeat. She is working and living according to her own standard and moral compasses. She is doing HER, now you need to get out there and do YOU! Let’s put your goals first, let’s prioritise what really matters! Do what Bon does and be kind to yourself and trust your own instincts. Find enough balance for fitness and for fun, follow your passion and do what you love, and you will in turn find the energy to do the extra hours necessary to be successful in whatever it is in life you choose!

Bonnie found what makes her tick, she found her passion and in turn, has a healthy balance in all that she does! Find your time, find your passion and balance your way living through the list of life and, for god sakes, GO CALL NANNA!

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