Dare to go raw with RawBecca Bites

Dare to go raw with RawBecca Bites

We are brining Raw and Rare together this month with Girl Boss Bec Armour and her mission, to live Rawesomely  with RAWbecca Bites. RAWbecca Bites is an example of how REAL food, a little creativity and imagination can empower your taste buds into the wonderful world of naturally derived ingredients. Containing no hidden nasties, using only the finest blends of nuts, coconut oils and creams, dates and cacao, Bec creates delicious handcrafted guilt free treats.  Passionate about authenticity, creation and sharing happiness, this ray of sunshine found her love of food and art collide when witnessing the joy her RAW treats brought to others.

Creating RAWbecca Bites has not only brought endless smiles and satisfied tummies to many, Bec is sharing the wonders of naturally derived ingredients whilst helping others build positive relationships with food, a relationship we all seem to struggle the most with at times. With words of wisdom from her father, Bec learnt that there is no such thing as ‘junk food’. “There is food and then there is junk, the truest statement I ever did hear.” Bec said.

Bec suggested that this is perhaps the greatest building block in developing a positive relationship with food, that there doesn’t need to be hidden nasties, and there most definitely doesn’t need to be guilt. “It began knowing that I could fuel my body with nutritious and delicious foods, that wouldn’t leave me beating myself up.” Bec said. The more Bec began to create the more her relationship with food shifted, a positive shift she hopes more women and men can experience with wholefoods.

“Creating is now a chance I see, for me to nourish and nurture my being, I gave myself permission to enjoy, to enjoy food, to enjoy the little wonders in life, all while rewarding my mind, body and soul with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.”

Creating scrumcious RAW treats and gorgeous wedding cakes for others, the pleasure Bec receives seeing people enjoy her treats, she can’t even begin to describe! Looking into the future Bec dreams of a little café where people can go to relax, revitalise and of course nourish themselves whilst devouring her wholefoods. The authenticity of her creations couldn’t resemble this blonde bombshell any better.

Coinciding with LOCA and our Dare to be Rare, in a world where lines between what’s real and what’s not are becoming harder to distinguish, Bec found her happiness. She dared to be rare, to be nothing but her authentic, creative and loving, beautiful self. Her journey lead her to RAWbecca Bites, if you Dare to be Rare and Raw who knows what delicious treats might come your way? 
www.rawbeccabites.com.au     Instagram: rawbeccabites_

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