Life is busy, Finding time to do the things we love is hard!

Life is busy, Finding time to do the things we love is hard!

We have all felt it, feel it and fight it. Where we should be, what we should be doing, wether it be studying, saving, working, exercising. We apparently should have our ‘shit together’. Creative Queen, entrepreneur and Wilder Workshop owner Maddy Hawkins has set a perfect example for ambitious women all over the world to follow in her Wilder footsteps. Caught trying to please everybody else around her, Maddy forgot about herself, her priorities and began to run herself quickly into the ground.

Trying to find balance between work, friendships, a social life and struggling to find the time to be creative, Maddy physically pushed her body too far resulting in her passing out during a shift at work. Life is busy, finding time to do the things we love is hard! We say yes far too often, overcommitting and stretching ourselves further than we should. Maddy realised she was giving all her energy to the things in life that she wasn’t passionate about. Her love for bright, bold and fun, clashing patterns and wild colours had been pushed aside. “I constantly put others before myself. Don’t get me wrong, being selfless is what we should all strive to be, but I didn’t practice this with balance.” Maddy said.

Taking a step back, putting everything into perspective and recharging herself, Maddy channels her energy into the things she loves most; her creativity, relationships, friendships, down time and most importantly, her selfcare. With her life now a healthy balance Maddy has put her pens, pencils and beautiful imagination together, creating Wilder Workshop.

Wilder Workshop is a graphic art and illustration service that has Maddy creating and covering anything from illustrations and wall murals, to business logos, commercial artwork and designing print for textiles. Never without a pen in her hand, Maddy’s love for art is second nature. “I have to be creating or I wouldn’t feel like I’m ‘me’. It’s an escape, it’s my form of expression, a huge part of who I am.”

With 2019 rolling through a little faster than some of us would like, our goals at times looking a little unreachable and our apparent shit that should be together not together at all. Maddy shares her secret to 2018, receiving the best advice that every woman needs to hear! “’Should’ is such a dirty word! Nobody gets to tell you where you ‘should’ be at, in life…This is YOUR journey and you don’t owe anybody an explanation as to why or how you choose to go about it. Take care, look after yourself and feed your passion, do what makes you feel alive!”

At just 22 years of age, a life full of passion, balance and ambition, working on ideas for the future, days filled with colour, creativity and all things Wilder Workshop, Maddy Hawkins paths a perfect, colourful way for women with wild dreams.

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